About Me

Professional Background and Interests

I have a PhD in political theory and have turned my thesis into a book: Introduction to Deliberative Democracy, Palgrave Macmillan, London 2012. It is not a bestseller, but sports a 5-star review on Amazon: “This book arrived in good condition”. Let us hope the same is true for its contents.

For various, mostly personal, reasons I have turned my back on academia and am now working on a novel, as well as on other projects that take up about 26 hours of my day.

As a political theorist, my primary interests are in democratic theory, collective decision-making under non-ideal conditions, autonomy and the interrelation of politics and art. Not that I write political theory anymore, but I hope to address some of the same themes in my fiction writing.

I am a reader before a writer. I am always reading about five books at the same time. One of them is always a detective mystery. These and the novels of Anthony Trollop are my go-to relaxation books. At least one of the books I am reading is always non-fiction; I especially enjoy reading historical biographies.

As far as the philosophy of writing goes, over the last few years I have become interested in literature and the plots of fiction as a liminal space where we can explore under-theorised concept of morality and ethics. This sounds a lot fancier than it really is.

My interests in literature include, but are not limited to: the early novel, the gothic, magical realism, folk and fairy tales. My writing may be influenced by: Angela Carter, Haruki Murakami, Barbara Pym.

Blogging versus Writing Well

I am sad to say that this blog is not always well-written. There are typos, orthographical errors, awkward grammatical constructs. You might think that this is pretty poor for someone who wants to become a novelist.

The problem is that I face a trade-off between writing well on this blog and blogging at all. I simply don’t have the time to polish my writing to the standard I would like to, with the exception of translations and short stories posted on this site. For now, I am choosing to blog and not to worry about spending too much time on editing.


I live in Surrey with my husband and my two dogs. We will give the husband a miss, but here are my two dogs.

[picture to follow] Juno: Airedale terrier, currently adolescent horror extraordinaire.

[picture to follow] Raffles: Russian Black Terrier, lover of cuddles, extrovert and a great believer in the “glass is always half full” philosophy of life.

Social Media

You can find me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/drsnob. I am only an intellectual snob, but I like the username and am loath to give it up.

You can also find me on Litsy as zsuzsanna_reads.