King Patch

This is the story of a hapless king and his faithful jackdaw, the second in my series of Hungarian fairy tale translations. The original story is Folton Folt Király, from a collection by Kolozsvári Grandpierre Emil. As always, the original is out of copyright. 

Getrude Stein on Commas (Favourite Quotes)

“Haweis had been fascinated with what he had read in manuscript of The Making of Americans. He did however plead for commas. Gertrude Stein said commas were unnecessary, the sense should be intrinsic and not have to be explained by commas and otherwise commas were only a sign that one should pause and take breath but one should know of oneself when one wanted to pause and take breath. However, as she liked Haweis very much and he had given her a delightful painting for a fan, she gave him two commas. It must however be added that on rereading the manuscript she took the commas out.”

Gertrude Stein: The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas

The art of Rita Angus

You may have come across the current Facebook meme, asking you to break up other (political) posts with art. If someone then “likes” the art you posted, you have to nominate an artist whose works they then have to choose from themselves to post about and so on. I was given …